About CX Aortic Vienna

CX Aortic Vienna has been postponed and will return in 2024 in Vienna, Austria. Stay up to date with CX news by joining the CX Vascular community or signing up to our newsletter.

CX Aortic Vienna Mission

The Charing Cross Symposium raises vascular and endovascular controversies so that a world-class faculty challenges the available evidence in order to reach a consensus after discussion with an expert audience.

CX Aortic Vienna marks the reunion of the global aortic community from end-to-end of the aorta, spanning the aortic valve to the iliac arteries. Importantly, the CX Aortic community is for all who manage the aorta and welcomes specialists from all backgrounds including cardiac, cardiovascular, cardiothoracic, interventionalist, vascular and endovascular experts. We will showcase all aspects of aortic care from selection to investigation, diagnosis, techniques, technologies and fruitful debate.

CX Programme and Format

All Charing Cross Symposia are distinguished by a unique and logical programme, which focuses on identifying evidence for optimal vascular, cardiovascular and aortic disease management from head to toe.

  • Debate and emphasis on interaction with an export audience are key aspects of the CX style. Education, Innovation and Evidence are core CX values.
  • Short presentations and time keeping are key characteristics of the CX sessions; these enable the right time for comments and questions by the audience.
  • At the sessions, there is an anchor who monitors time, encourages audience and speaker interaction and conducts the discussion; there is also a moderator who assists the anchor with questions to and from the audience.

Who are CX Aortic Vienna Attendees?

Vascular Surgeons

Cardiac Aortic Surgeons

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Cardiovascular Surgeons

General Surgeons


Interventional Radiologists



Interventional Cardiologists

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Interventional Cardiologists

Nurses & Technologists

Researchers & Educators