CX Aortic Vienna welcomes all specialists involved in aortic patient management!

CX Aortic Vienna has been postponed and will return in 2024 in Vienna, Austria. Stay up to date with CX news by joining the CX Vascular community or signing up to our newsletter.

CX Aortic Vienna focuses on the gathering of experts in the global aortic community, covering the entire span of the aorta, from the aortic valve to the iliac arteries. The CX Aortic community is inclusive and interdisciplinary, welcoming professionals from various backgrounds, including cardiac, cardiovascular, cardiothoracic, interventionalist, vascular and endovascular specialties. Our aim is to showcase all aspects of aortic care, encompassing selection, investigation, diagnosis, techniques, technologies and fostering meaningful discussions.

We are excited to invite you to our future, events where specialists and interested parties from across the world can expect top-notch education, innovation and evidence-based practices. CX Aortic Vienna education provides attendees with opportunities to observe live aortic cases, edited cases, cutting-edge research, and, as always emphasizes active participation and engagement with the audience and aortic community.

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